Published: Mon, January 14, 2019
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While You Were in Shul: Israel Attacked Iranian Warehouse in Damascus

While You Were in Shul: Israel Attacked Iranian Warehouse in Damascus

With the sixth Hezbollah tunnel discovered Saturday afternoon, Israel declared victory and announced the completion of Operation Northern Shield on Sunday.

He also reiterated that Israel holds the Lebanese government accountable "for any act of violence or violation of 1701", the United Nations resolution that ended the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah.

The tunnel will now be destroyed.

On Sunday morning Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Israeli Air Force had targeted Iranian targets in Syria.

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The Israeli attack, if confirmed, will be the latest in a string of missile strikes targeting the Syrian positions throughout the Syrian crisis since 2011, under the pretext that these positions belong to Iran-backed forces and allied Lebanon's Hezbollah fighters.

The operation had raised concerns that Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based Shiite group and enemy of Israel, would respond and spark a new conflict between them, but the border has remained calm throughout.

The military said its forces would stay deployed along the border area to monitor for any other possible underground activity, and said it holds the Lebanese government responsible for everything happening in its territory. Israel, coordinating with United Nations peacekeepers in Lebanon, said it sought no escalation.

The IDF also said that the "operation stripped from Hezbollah the unique offensive ability that it had built for years as part of an attack plan into Israeli territory that it wanted to conduct to create emergency situations".

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It has said, however, that they were not yet operational.

The source further said that the aggression occurred at 11:15 p.m. local time on Friday, adding, "Eight enemy targets spotted in the skies of Damascus exploded". Israel's outgoing military chief, Lt Gen Gadi Eisenkot, did so over the weekend in various interviews.

Neither Lebanon nor Hezbollah has commented directly on the end of the operation.

It was 55 metres deep and ran 800 metres inside Lebanese territory and also "dozens" of metres into Israel, he said.

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