Published: Fri, January 11, 2019
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Cristiano Ronaldo Says He Doesn't Know His Accuser Jasmine Lennard

Cristiano Ronaldo Says He Doesn't Know His Accuser Jasmine Lennard

When that lawsuit went public, cops said they would reopen the case now that they had the name of the alleged assailant and, as part of the renewed investigation, they went to Ronaldo within the last week and asked for a DNA sample as part of standard sexual assault investigation protocol.

Las Vegas authorities have issued a warrant for soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo's DNA in connection with a rape investigation, the Wall Street Journal reports on Thursday.

Ronaldo denies all claims made against him.

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It was there that Ronaldo forced himself on Ms. Mayorga while she begged him to stop, she alleges.

Ronaldo doesn't deny that he and Mayorga had sex.

Lennard, 33, called the footballer "a psychopath" in now-deleted tweets, in which she pledged to assist the woman who has accused Ronaldo of rape.

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Lennard-who is a model as well as a reality television regular, appearing in shows like Make Me a Supermodel and Celebrity Big Brother-stated that she has years of messages that would back up her claims that Ronaldo was abusive and that he was unrepentant about his behavior, both with her and with other women.

Mayorga, now 34, reported to police that she'd been raped and received a medical examination. The soccer star allegedly paid the American model-turned-teacher hush money to the tune of $375,000, but Mayorga said she later reconsidered in an attempt to expose the Portuguese striker. She claims that they have had a relationship for a full decade, and she suffered emotional trauma and even threats against her life. The dress that's being tested for DNA was collected as evidence at that time.

Authorities in Las Vegas would then determine whether it matches genetic material found on Mayorga's dress.

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The 35-year-old American claims Ronaldo anally raped her while the two were at a Las Vegas hotel room almost a decade ago.

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