Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
IT | By Darin Griffith

Samsung Smart TVs in 2019 to Support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Samsung Smart TVs in 2019 to Support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Google's also making changes to how Google Assistant handles messaging. That's essentially how Alexa works with older Sonos speakers, so it would make sense to see the same thing happen with the Google Assistant. This app is part of the "Google Play" Android app bundle, so it's included in the box in pretty much every Android phone sold outside of China. That extends functionality from Google's Pixel phones to the larger Android ecosystem, a Google rep told me, with any Android device capable of running Assistant being able to take advantage of the new feature.

Want to talk to your TV, but don't want to be locked into just one voice assistant?

Google Assistant is now multilingual too, so customers can speak more than one language to it inside their homes.

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Amazon's strategy for Alexa this year will be a continuation of what it's been doing so far: building the foundation for an ambient computing platform, Limp added. Google also says that active users-both monthly and daily-have quadrupled over the previous year, though the company won't say how many people are using Google Assistant regularly.

Google's booth will include a ride similar to Disney's "It's a Small World", showcasing different ways to use the Google Assistant - its AI-powered rival to Amazon Alexa and Apple's Siri.

Google plans to expand its Google Assistant in 2019 even more.

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The assistant which is compatible with 10,000 smart home devices, ranging more than 1,600 brands not only reached a wider audience, but Google also added a number of features to make it smarter. Google is working to integrate similar e-commerce features into Assistant.

iTunes Movies and TV Shows will work seamlessly with Samsung's Smart TV Services, such as Universal Guide, the New Bixby and Search, in an effort to create a consistent experience across Samsung's platform.

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