Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
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Tax Refunds From IRS May Be Delayed Due to Government Shutdown

Tax Refunds From IRS May Be Delayed Due to Government Shutdown

President Donald Trump is withholding his support for a bill that would fully fund the government until he secures $5.6 billion for a wall on the U.S.

The Internal Revenue Service is one of the federal agencies that is impacted by the current partial government shutdown.

The IRS generally doesn't issue tax refunds during a shutdown, CNN reported.

Local IRS buildings continue to remain closed, some employees are still furloughed and no appointments can be made either while the government is closed. You just not might get a refund, according to The Wall Street Journal.

A shutdown that gets resolved within a few weeks would have little ultimate effect on taxpayers, but lawmakers have made little or no movement toward a deal.

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Even though tax day is April 15 each year, that does not mean the partial government shutdown couldn't potentially be disrupting for tax refunds before then.

Tax refunds are among the non-excepted agency activities listed.

In 2018, the earliest date taxes could be filed was January 29, and the start of tax season will once again be in January.

A recent GOBankingRates survey shows Americans are most likely to use their tax refunds to pay off debt.

First, tax refunds won't be issued.

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During a shutdown, only 12.5 percent of the IRS workforce is authorized to work. By Feb. 16, the IRS had paid $101.2 billion to almost 32 million households.

One other area in which the IRS may have problems is the continuing implementation of the 2017 tax legislation passed by Republicans in Congress and signed by Trump.

The IRS directed ABC News to the lapsed contingency plan in response to further questions.

That means most workers whose duties range from answering taxpayer questions to paying out refunds typically aren't at work.

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