Published: Sun, January 06, 2019
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Chance the Rapper Says Collaborating With R

Chance the Rapper Says Collaborating With R

In the docu-series, then-wife Andrea Kelly says that she was kept intentionally in the dark about Kelly's behavior. "I just think it was total wrong what he did", said Ruiz. You can see exclusive clips for this season on the site.

Sources say the women taped several sessions over the past few months and spoke freely about being abused by the "Bump and Grind" singer. The docuseries includes commentary from a number of Kelly's victims, as well as friends, family members, cultural critics, industry veterans and psychological experts weighing in on the trauma Kelly's style of sexual misconduct can foster. "I'm thinking 'damn I don't wanna be the one guy I always am in documentaries fawning over someone I detest.' So make ZERO mistake on my positioning". "We asked Jay-Z. We asked Dave Chappelle", Hampton said.

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"There are whole systems in place-housing, runners, rules". These women allegedly have to fulfill him sexually and are punished if they break his rules. These men who were around Kelly and remained quiet about these underage sexual relationships and helped him recruit these young girls are just as guilty as Kelly because they were present during those years and they didn't do anything to stop it and bring him to justice. "He's also deeply manipulative". "Why would they wanna tear down another brother / Women show black men some love / 'Cause black men, we go through enough", Kelly sings.

That same year, 1994, it was widely reported Kelly and Aaliyah had secretly married, though they both denied it. "I can't be right all the time", he said. Kelly's music and career was declared more important than defending and protecting these black girls who were being or had been traumatized and had a part of their childhood destroyed. Conway also testified at Kelly's trial, where he confirmed the identity of the girl.

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But by far the most hard thing to grapple with are the parents featured in the film. One juror, John Petrean said he didn't believe the women who testified against Kelly. "We did push back in the moment, but we didn't organize to shut him down, so there was this feeling of responsibility".

Ahead of Thursday's premiere, Kelly, threatened to sue the network, according to TMZ. A representative for Lifetime says despite receiving a cease-and-desist letter, the network made a decision to move forward with airing the series.

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(The name of her debut album, which producer Kelly apparently chose, was Age Ain't Nothing But a Number.) Despite numerous harshest revelations in Surviving R. Kelly, fans can hardly say they weren't warned.

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