Published: Wed, December 19, 2018
Markets | By Jeffery Armstrong

Former NASA Engineer Pranks Mail Thieves With Glitter Bombs

Former NASA Engineer Pranks Mail Thieves With Glitter Bombs

Smart home company Nest announced an over-the-air update for its indoor Cam IQ security camera that brings support for Google Assistant.

Mark Rober, who is an American YouTuber, spent four months creating a glitter bomb made of four smartphones, a circuit board and 453g of glitter.

Mark is a former NASA engineer that has created the greatest defense against those pesky porch pirates.

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In a video posted on his channel, the 38-year-old, who helped design the US space agency's Curiosity Rover, said his engineering experience left him well-placed to "take a stand" after dismissive police left him feeling "powerless". After having a couple of packages stolen and being met with an unsympathetic police department, he chose to take things into his own hands. The GPS also lets Mark see the box's location. A note to would-be package thieves: you might want to think twice before taking a package from Rober or others - it could lead to your demise via lots of shiny, sparkling glitter.

The reactions are captured on cameras from phones hidden in the device, and many people can't even wait to get home to open the box.

The bomb is harmless unless you consider fart spray and copious amounts of glitter to be harmful.

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When a package thief strikes, the box's built-in accelerometer sends a Global Positioning System signal to Rober (so he knows where it's going) and activates a quartet of phones that take video of the next few moments.

The Youtube video has been watched over 8 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday by Mr Rober. Once completed, he slapped a packing label addressed from the "Home Alone" character Kevin McCallister to movie villains Harry and Marv - a nice, figurative bow on the present.

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