Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
IT | By Darin Griffith

Fortnite Season 7 gets released with new snowy area, planes, and skins

Fortnite Season 7 gets released with new snowy area, planes, and skins

He's kitted out, ready for action alongside some snowmen soldiers, and then from behind him, a formation of planes approaches.

Some Fortnite community members have expressed concern with how the game will play with the constant presence of the X-4, while others believe that it is a good change of pace for the Battle Royale title. Along with those will be secrets to discover around the world.

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With the start of a new season, the Fortnite: Battle Royale grind keeps on rolling. One of the new additions is a brand new mode called Fortnite Creative.

To make it a little easier to travel across the larger map, Epic Games has added a couple of new ways to travel with Stormwing planes and Ziplines. Shadow Stones, Port-a-Forts, Chillers, Clingers, the Double Barrel Shotgun and Shockwave Grenade have all been vaulted (Epic says it helps it avoid duplicates or overlapping functionality).

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Epic Games has revealed that Risky Reels has been destroyed, and replaced with a rotating selection of player-created builds on an area named The Block. But, the developer added it will still have new updates coming out during that break period with new items and challenges.

Fortnite Season 7 just received another major map update that will be quickly noticed by fans on PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms. Developer in partnership with Chair Entertainment back in 2010, Infinity Blade was the first IOS game to run on the Unreal Engine.

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