Published: Thu, November 29, 2018
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‘Google Fi’ Now Works With Apple’s iPhone

‘Google Fi’ Now Works With Apple’s iPhone

If you don't buy a new phone and buy a Fi plan for your current handset, you'll get $200 of Fi service credit if you sign up today.

Google is also offering some launch promotions for new customers - you can get travel gift cars for use on some airlines or hotel/lodgings services when you buy a supported phone. What you won't get, unfortunately, is the ability to switch back and forth between multiple networks, automatic connections to public Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi calling, and access to Google Fi's VPN service.

Now, the company is making using Fi with third-party phones a lot easier: On Thursday, it released an iOS app that can be used to monitor data usage, billing and more. Fi's network switching depends on a combination of hardware and software found in select phones that Google has vetted, like the Pixel 3, LG G7 and Moto X4 Android One. iPhones and conventional Android devices don't have any of that, and as a result, on Fi they'll be restricted to either T-Mobile or Sprint depending on how they're wired.

Google has now confirmed all of this and has also made it clear that it is adding support for iPhones and additional Android devices (including those from OnePlus and Samsung) for those who want a wider choice of handsets but still want to be able to take advantage of Google Fi. A link to download and install that app is available below. And yes, even Apple's iPhone lineup is supported as well.

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In addition to that, Google has confirmed that for an iPhone to work, it needs to be an iPhone 5S, 6, SE, or newer.

Fi plans in the United States offer unlimited domestic call and texts, plus texting internationally, for $20 monthly.

Google is hosting a limited promotion to mark the announcement.

Before Wednesday's announcement, Google Fi only worked with a small number of Android phones: four LG and Moto phones, and Google-branded devices such as Pixel and Nexus phones.

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We say "up until today" because with Google welcoming all these new phones to Fi, those rules are changing a bit. So if you pick up a Pixel 3 XL with 128GB of storage?

You can check to see if your phone is supported at the Google Fi compatibility website. You can spend these gift cards on flights, lodging, and more.

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