Published: Wed, November 28, 2018
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Trump rejects findings of USA government climate change report

Trump rejects findings of USA government climate change report

The Congress-commissioned report, of which Trump told reporters, "I've read some of it", warns that climate change will not only continue to contribute to weather extremes and impact global health, but it will cost the US economy hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

The damning report, known as the National Climate Assessment, says that the consequences of climate change will leave no part of the US untouched and that the warming climate will increase wildfires, crumble infrastructure, worsen air quality, destroy crops and lead to more frequent disease outbreaks.

'And here's the other thing, you're going to have to China and Japan and all of Asia and all of these other countries, you know, it addresses our country.

Those "tiny rays of hope" are Democrats who will be in the majority party in the House in January, including Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who backs the Green New Deal to put climate change as the top legislative priority. The report's authors conclude that the changing climate 'is transforming where and how we live and presents growing challenges to human health and quality of life, the economy, and the natural systems that support us.' And that, unless we change our practices and policies, there will be 'substantial damages to the U.S. economy, environment, and human health and well-being over the coming decades'.

President Trump tweeted Wednesday, "Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS - Whatever happened to Global Warming?" "The climate change resulting from human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide will persist for decades to millennia".

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The president's reaction has made it tougher for already-reluctant Republicans to embrace a dramatic response to global warming.

During an impromptu session with reporters as he was leaving the White House to campaign for Mississippi Sen.

"How many wake-up calls do we need?"

It details how global warming from the burning of coal, oil and gas is hurting each region of the United States and how it impacts different sectors of the economy, including energy and agriculture.

An earlier portion of the climate change report was released in November 2017 and found "no convincing alternative explanation" for the changing climate other than "human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases".

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The report was issued on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when many Americans traditionally go shopping, a timing that Trump's critics said was chosen to bury the report. With climate change, there are other facets of climate change: the frequency intensity of hurricanes, how often cloudiness occurs where you live, sea level rise. "Right now, we're the cleanest we've ever been".

By allowing pundits who are funded by corporate interests to continually obfuscate just how bad the risk of climate change is, news networks like Fox News and CNN have mishandled the severity of the climate report, even when they are covering it.

Blake Hurst, president of the Missouri Farm Bureau, said Monday the report was "pretty disturbing" but agreed that agricultural producers will have to meet the challenge.

On Monday, Trump told reporters that he had read "some" of the report.

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