Published: Thu, November 22, 2018
IT | By Darin Griffith

Amazon says error exposed customer names and emails

Amazon says error exposed customer names and emails

Amazon issued the following statement about the situation: "We have fixed the issue and informed customers who may have been impacted".

That includes Amazon's home state of Washington, where companies must inform residents of data breaches if the mishap includes the unauthorized disclosure of names along with information such as Social Security numbers.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming, Amazon is poised to generate a massive amount of revenue in the coming days.

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According to The Register, some Amazon customers have received emails from Amazon notifying them that their names and email addresses have been "inadvertently disclosed" due to a "technical error".

"Unfortunately, even such companies as Amazon are not immune from such omissions", Kolochenko said.

Amazon began by e-mailing customers who had been effected by data breach directly on Wednesday. The error apparently made customer details visible publicly on the company's website. In the email, it also told customers they won't need to change their passwords or take any other action.

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Since then, the issue has been fixed, Amazon says, as it has nothing to do with anything you may have done online while using your Amazon account.

It's unclear at this time how many Amazon users were affected by the issue, which exposed only emails and names to third parties.

However, the firm is remaining tight-lipped on crucial details, such as the cause of the breach and how many customers have been affected.

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"Not almost good enough Amazon", he tweeted.

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