Published: Mon, November 19, 2018
IT | By Darin Griffith

Google Rolls Out 'Night Sight' Camera Mode for Pixel Smartphones

Google Rolls Out 'Night Sight' Camera Mode for Pixel Smartphones

The pre-Black Friday deal on the flagship Pixel 3, which launched a little over a fortnight ago in the United Kingdom, will set you back £48 a month.

Instead of capturing one bright and blurry photo, Night Sight captures an equal amount of light over a burst of many photos that are dark but sharp. Since the algorithms capture multiple pictures in burst mode, when something in the frame is moving, the Night Sight mode produces a motion blur effect on the picture rather than improve quality.

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Thankfully, Google just announced a bunch of Pixel deals that Pixel 3 fans should be aware of.

And Night Sight does look impressive, adding yet another photographic advantage to the Pixel lineup and further separating the cameras in these handsets from those of the competition. As the name implies, Night Sight is intended for use at night. But in a odd way, the biggest winners of all this may be Pixel 1 and Pixel 2 owners, who will also be getting Night Sight over the next few days.

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Of course, you do need to be in the market for a pair of news smartphones. While the Pixel 3 XL speakers are certainly louder, the users are noticing a difference in the volume output from the speakers. Check out the sample shots on Google's blog for some great examples of why. Google is changing that with Night Sight, a Pixel-exclusive feature that will absolutely blow your mind.

Apple has the most popular camera in the world on the iPhone, while Google has what is generally regarded as the best camera on a smartphone. Night Sight is a bit out of the way. While many users indicate that this could be a hardware issue, a Google representative has confirmed that this phenomenon will be fixed via a software update in the coming weeks.

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