Published: Wed, November 14, 2018
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What comes next after EU/UK Brexit text agreement?

What comes next after EU/UK Brexit text agreement?

However, there are growing fears of Britain leaving the bloc with no-deal - either through lack of movement on negotiations or that the United Kingdom parliament won't accept the deal Theresa May presents to MPs.

Nigel Farage has warned Britain would be signed up to the "worst deal in history" if the draft Brexit agreement is approved.

Theresa May's de facto deputy said that after negotiators in Brussels again worked late into the night, it was still possible there could be an agreement within the next 48 hours.

Cabinet ministers were invited to read "documentation" concerning the deal overnight, in a secure reading room in the Cabinet Office.

Differences remain between Britain and the bloc over how to ensure the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland remains open after Brexit.

Negotiations are continuing this week, but officials are warning unless there is dramatic progress by the end of Wednesday there is unlikely to be a summit this month to approve a Brexit deal.

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'We also discussed a number of issues related to our no-deal planning.

Without a solution, the entire divorce deal is at risk, setting Britain on track for an unregulated Brexit that would likely bring chaos and economic pain to both sides.

As pressure ratchets up on Mrs May, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab is said to be spearheading a group of ministers warning that crashing out of the European Union is better than caving into the bloc's demands. He urged his parliamentary colleagues to vote against the deal.

In her annual address to the Lord Mayor's Banquet on Monday, the prime minister confirmed the negotiations were approaching the "endgame", but said there were still "significant" issues standing in the way of an agreement.

Asked whether Britain would have to start preparing in earnest for a "no-deal" Brexit if an agreement were not clinched by the end of Wednesday, as newspapers have reported, he said: "I'm not going to ascribe days to particular actions".

A British official voiced pessimism about the possibility of a breakthrough with the European Union this week due to continued deadlock on the issue of the border between British-ruled Northern Ireland and European Union member Ireland. And that persuasion campaign appears to have already begun - with May's Cabinet ministers seen streaming into No. 10 Downing Street for consultation on the deal.

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Former transport minister Jo Johnson said he made a decision to quit Mrs May's Government because he was concerned at reports she was planning a publicity campaign which he said amounted to a "calculated deceit".

The default position is for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union on March 29 without a deal, with the potential for chaotic scenes at ports and airports.

However, EU sources suggest that they have moved all they can and that it is now for May to either accept the deal on the table or not.

"If what we've heard is true, this fails to meet the Conservative Party's manifesto, and it fails to meet numerous commitments the prime minister makes", Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg, one of the hard-line leaders of the Brexit campaign, told the BBC.

- What happens if the deal fails to win support in Westminster?

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