Published: Tue, November 06, 2018
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Diablo 4 Was Almost Announced At BlizzCon

Diablo 4 Was Almost Announced At BlizzCon

Diablo IV is in development and an official confirmation was supposed to happen at BlizzCon 2018, sources tell Kotaku's Jason Schreier. According to sources who spoke to Kotaku, Blizzard had meant to tease Diablo IV, which is indeed in development, but decided at the last minute they weren't yet ready to commit.

Now Kotaku is reporting that this was the original plan but for some reason the Diablo 4 announcement was scrapped only a few weeks ago.

The comment came after the same Kotaku published a story that said Blizzard had recorded a Diablo 4 presentation video featuring co-founder Allen Adham, with the goal of showing it at BlizzCon.

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If the announcement video was never destined for BlizzCon, it certainly seems to have been in talks beforehand.

Blizzard has not yet announced if Diablo Immortal will be a free or a paid title, though Blizzard developing the title with free-to-play veteran NetEase might offer a clue.

Taking to Twitter to share his thoughts on the Diablo: Immortal backlash Blizzard received during BlizzCon 2018, Kern referred to the game's situation as a "fiasco". "We do continue to have different teams working on multiple unannounced Diablo projects, and we look forward to announcing when the time is right." the statement reads. But according to one source, because Diablo 4 has changed dramatically in the past four years, the team decided it wasn't ready to announce anything, so the video was removed from the BlizzCon proceedings as recently as October.

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In August, Diablo Associate Community Manager, Brandy Camel, said they had numerous Diablo projects that were being worked on. Diablo: Immortal should hit iPhone and Android in the near future. "We know what many of you are hoping for and we can only say that 'good things come to those who wait, ' but evil things often take longer".

IGN has reached out to Blizzard for comment and will update this story as such.

"Diablo 3" embraced a portable format through a November 2 release for Nintendo Switch and "Diablo Immortal" will continue down the same path.

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