Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
World News | By Sandy Lane

Trump says birthright citizenship will be ended

Trump says birthright citizenship will be ended

President Donald Trump's decision to bring an executive order to end the right to the US citizenship for children born in the non-citizens has invited widespread criticism, even from his own party. In the interview with reporters from the new series "Axios on HBO", Trump falsely claims that the the only country with birthright laws. "But now they're saying I can just do it with an executive order".

Trump is seeking to end the long-standing right to USA citizenship for children born to noncitizens in the United States, a policy that he said in his tweets "costs our Country billions of dollars and is very unfair to our citizens".

Some conservatives have argued that the 14th Amendment was originally meant to grant citizenship only to children born in the USA to lawful permanent residents, pointing to the fact that birthright citizenship was not extended children of undocumented or temporary immigrants until the 1960's.

Still, the threat of ending birthright citizenship amounts to another escalation in Trump's hardline approach to immigration, which has become his signature issue.

"Where we obviously totally agree with the President is getting at the root issue here, which is unchecked illegal immigration", Ryan said.

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"It's in the process, it'll happen - with an executive order".

And he has called on Mexico to halt groups of Central American migrants - which he has repeatedly vilified in campaign speeches - that are traveling through the country to reach the United States.

The US will also send about 5,200 active-duty troops to "harden" the border, the Pentagon announced on Monday. It is not covered by the 14th Amendment because of the words "subject to the jurisdiction thereof".

Trump has characterized the caravan as "an invasion of our country".

Vice President Mike Pence said the plan may not be unconstitutional, telling Politico in an interview that while " we all cherish" the 14th amendment, the U.S. Supreme Court has not weighed in on the issue entirely.

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In a statement on October 31, Reid said he "made a mistake" by proposing a bill that would alter birthright citizenship, claiming that his wife confronted him shortly after and changed his mind.

"Well you obviously can not do that", Ryan said, asked for his position on the president's proposal.

In another Wednesday tweet, the president acknowledged that if he does sign an order, the Supreme Court would inevitably have to settle a subsequent court battle. In addition to birthright citizenship, he has also targeted "chain migration" and the diversity lottery system.

This is Trump's new anti-immigrant move, which joins a list if many others including ending the DACA program, instituting a travel ban, blocking "non-professional" immigrants from entering the USA and restricting legal immigration. "The Constitution is quite clear that no one, including the President of the United States, is above the law".

Ryan and Mr. Trump have clashed in the past, particularly during the 2016 presidential election.

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"The President does not have the power to erase parts of the Constitution, but he and the GOP Congress have spent two years trying to erase protections for people with pre-existing conditions", Ms. Pelosi said.

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