Published: Thu, October 25, 2018
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Obama rails against Republicans, rallies Democrats in Las Vegas

Obama rails against Republicans, rallies Democrats in Las Vegas

Two years after leaving the White House, Obama remains the biggest crowd puller for the Democratic party, which is expected to gain in this mid-term polls on November 6. They want you not to vote.

McDaniel posted a video of former President Barack Obama addressing illegal immigration and sounding a lot like President Trump in the current debate about the migrant caravan from Honduras. "We're going to turn out", Witt predicted Sunday morning as he made his rounds wearing a hat emblazoned with the words "CNN Facts First", the logo of the president's least-favorite cable news outlet.

"Ultimately there is only one real check on abuses of power, there's only one real check on bad policy and that is you and your vote", the former president said at a Democratic rally.

As the election approaches, the Republicans increasingly resort to such tactics. That is how some tin-pot dictatorship works, ' he said.

Because what happens is, people of good will in both parties start calling out bigots and fearmongers, and they work to compromise.

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One of her supporters, Malerie Stanley, who arrived more than three hours before the rally to ensure she would get inside, said women's rights was the key issue for her in the midterms.

Obama said Monday at rally for Democrats in Las Vegas that Republicans were promising to "fight for the little guy" but instead helped corporations and sowed divisions in America.

Obama continued, riling into the Republican-backed tax cut that was passed previous year.

"They'll pledge to take on corruption, and then they just plunder away, and they start undermining some of the institutions that our essential to our democracy".

He said that there was only one way to control abuses of power and that was the voters, adding that Trump's pressuring US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to pursue political rivals is not what should be done in the US but rather is typical of some "dictatorships".

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"Unlike some, I actually try to state facts". It's a vision that says, we're going to protect our power no matter what, even if it hurts the country, he said.

At the Monday rally, though, Hispanic voters said they felt anything but disengaged.

She narrowly won election to her Las Vegas-area district in 2014 and is taking on a politician who not only has already won a statewide election but has never lost an election despite serving almost three decades in public offices.

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