Published: Sun, October 21, 2018
IT | By Darin Griffith

Spotify adds personalised radio stations to its Premium service

Spotify adds personalised radio stations to its Premium service

These updates are now globally available for Premium Subscribers for both Android and iOS.

What just happened? Spotify's latest update, rolling out now on Android and iOS, borrows a key feature from streaming music pioneer Pandora.

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Starting with the design changes, the search functionality has been refined in order to give users more results for new music, along with placing recommended genres at the top of the page.

The new Premium has more streamlined navigation, offering better recommendations in "Home", "Search", and smoother access to songs, artists, playlists, and podcasts in "Your Library"; and a personalised search for users to more easily discover music that reflects them and their mood.

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Once you click into the search field, you'll get the familiar list of "recent searches", so you can quickly find that artist or track you previously looked up. The redesigned search is the "new one-stop destination for artists, albums, podcasts", Spotify said, with listeners' favorite genres appearing at the top of the screen.

It should be interesting to see how the addition of more features in recent months will make Spotify Premium a more tempting prospect at R60 a month. The five tabs at the bottom have been condensed into three main categories - Home, Search, and Your Library. These offer an endless listening stream personalized to the listener's own musical tastes. "They're updated regularly to keep things fresh-and what's more, they're even downloadable and available to play while offline".

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If you want a playlist based on your favourite musician or song, a simple searching will let you start listening to one of the brand-new Artist Radio playlists.

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