Published: Sun, October 14, 2018
Science | By Patricia Jimenez

Hurricane Michael leaves 6 dead in US

Hurricane Michael leaves 6 dead in US

That figure includes wind and storm surge damage to homes, cars and industrial and commercial properties covered by private insurers, the company said in a report.

Gov. Rick Scott said the Panhandle woke up to "unimaginable destruction".

Families living along the Panhandle are now faced with a struggle to survive in a perilous landscape of shattered homes and shopping centres, the storm debris spread far and wide. The fate of many other residents was unknown, authorities said.

The agency is working with the Florida Department of Transportation to clear the interstate which is the major east-west route across northern Florida and the Panhandle.

Almost entire blocks of small two-story beach homes were razed to their tile floors, likely by the storm surge. Hurricane Michael's powerful winds ripped roofs from buildings - including a Panama City High school gym where some teachers and their families had taken shelter.

State officials said Mexico Beach was under mandatory evacuation orders but some residents chose to stay and try to ride out the storm. Only Hurricane Camille on the Mississippi Gulf coast in 1969 and the so-called Labour Day hurricane of 1935 in the Florida Keys were more intense.

National Guard troops made their way into the ground-zero town and found 20 survivors initially Wednesday night, and more rescue crews are arriving.

Mishelle McPherson and her ex-husband searched for the elderly mother of a friend. When he returned to his home Thursday, he said the only belonging he could find was a briefcase.

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"Do you think her body would be here?".

For anyone interested in helping out there are local and national organizations that can be contacted to ask how you can help with the relief effort.

Bay County officials previously said 56 people had chosen to stay in their homes in Mexico Beach and that search and rescue teams were trying to account for those people. On Thursday, supported by dogs, drones and Global Positioning System devices, they found homes in places where they were not a day before, making it hard to do a methodical house-to-house survey.

"We don't know where she's at", he said.

Sarah had just started the sixth grade and joined the drama club and the band. "It was very bad, and now there's just nothing left". To the north of the city, residents lined up at a service station to refuel with food and water. "It was so scary you'd poo yourself", said retiree Tom Garcia, 60, who was trapped inside his Mexico Beach home as water poured in to waist height. "You want to check on things and begin the recovery process", Scott said. "My father is responsible for all of the seafood that's in our area, literally millions and millions of dollars of seafood, and he feels compelled to stay to make sure those seafood houses are back up and running as soon as the storm passes", she said.

Early Thursday morning, several Florida counties that escaped the storm began sending work crews and heavy trucks to help clear roads and restore power.

More than 375,000 people along the Gulf Coast were given mandatory evacuation orders, but many people defied the calls.

Between 37th and 32nd streets, it's easier to count the residences that still stand than the ones that are no more. Roofs had been peeled off and carried away.

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Aluminium siding was shredded and homes were split by fallen trees.

Hundreds of cars had broken windows. Pine trees were stripped and snapped off about 6 meters high. In the meantime, curfews were imposed across much of the region.

DAMAGED. Boats are seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael on October 11, 2018, in Panama City, Florida.

Most of the full-time residents, LaFountain said, have some connection to the hospitality industry.

Hurricane Michael's battering waves swamped streets and docks and shrieking winds splintered trees and rooftops. She was safe until a carport came crashing through the roof.

A man was killed when a tree crashed through the roof of his house in Greensboro, Florida.

It is expected to continue pelting rain along the southeast with 4 - 7 inches (10 - 18 centimeters) expected from SC to the southern mid-Atlantic region.

The NHC warned that communities in north-west Florida and North Carolina faced the threat of life-threatening flooding as rising water moved inland from the coast.

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