Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
Sport | By Matt Richards

Chaser projects Alan Jones’ ad and phone number onto Sydney Opera House

Chaser projects Alan Jones’ ad and phone number onto Sydney Opera House

The outrage had already prompted racing authorities to drop plans to hold the barrier draw publicly, so as to avoid "security risks", and betting was suspended from noon until the announcement of the draw result in the evening.

Jones had called for Louise Herron to be sacked during a testy confrontation on Friday after she ruled out allowing words or branding highlighting The Everest to be projected onto the Opera House because "it's not a billboard".

Sleeping Giants Oz issued a statement to AdNews, saying: "Sleeping Giants Oz fully supports the action against allowing the Everest Event to go ahead at the Opera House and applaud everyone who supported the petition".

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At 7.40pm when the sails were first lit up, protesters lining the grounds around the building also began shining torches aimed towards the projection. It should be noted that Herron was upholding the statute of the Opera House in doing so.

Protesters have shone torch beams on the Sydney Opera House sails to try and obscure projections of The Everest horse race.

Meantime, Jones still got his way, the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is still Jones' puppet and Louise Herron is now a role-model to all Australians for standing up to this politically motivated fuckwits.

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The NSW Heritage Council said it was extremely disappointed with the government's decision which would turn the "international architectural masterpiece" into a billboard.

'I don't know why people are getting so precious about it.

"It is the view of the Heritage Council that the use of the Opera House for the commercial advertising of this event is completely unsatisfactory and is an inappropriate use of this significant heritage place that is valued by many around the world", he said.

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The apology came hours after The Chaser had taken matters into their own hands, with a stunt that saw them project what was "apparently" Jones' real phone number onto a number of Sydney landmarks including the Opera House.

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