Published: Fri, October 05, 2018
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After Venom, Morbius is Next in Line for Sony Spider-Verse

After Venom, Morbius is Next in Line for Sony Spider-Verse

Thirty years later Venom is headlining his own feature, a villain as the title character of a major comic book film is a first for Marvel and Columbia Pictures, an experiment that could've been a victor, but the film is let down by a studio desperate for a PG-13 adventure and a script that can't decide on a tone. "They never made it in". The movie also stars Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed.

The same goes for Williams, who seems so rotely uninspired as Eddie's once and (maybe) future girlfriend, Anne Weying, that I thought at first I was watching a Michelle Williams replicant.

Now, let's come to the movie, Venom.

It's this simplistic take that takes away from the enjoyment of 'Venom.' Surprisingly, it is Venom who has the most character beats, but since the film is taken from Eddie Brock's point-of-view, we don't actually get to see and enjoy the shifts in Venom's character. Indeed, it's hard not to evaluate the film in light of many comments from numerous people who made it - especially director Ruben Fleischer, who vacillated between saying the film was always going to be R- and PG-13-rated, and hedged in recent interviews about how deliberately amusing it's supposed to be - since the end result is stupefyingly incomprehensible.

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Arad's arguments won out and Raimi was essentially forced to include Venom in Spider-Man 3, but in the finished film it's clear that Raimi's heart isn't in the Venom story at all. "And there's a character that's beloved by all Venom fans that does not appear in the body of our film that I think fans will be really excited to see", Fleischer said. And more. And the film is awesome. It's hard to resist being charmed by this character and Hardy's freewheeling performance as the symbiote's initially unwilling host.

Director Ruben Fleischer has an eclectic resume that includes plenty of work in sitcoms, and in theory there's nothing wrong with bringing a lighter touch to the genre. Exhausted of the same old bland Marvel Cinematic Universe offerings?

Over the past two decades very few Marvel supervillains have been as visible to non-comic enthusiasts as Spider-Man's nemesis, Venom.

"Venom is a byproduct of me wanting to draw a blue and red Spider-Man costume", McFarlane said.

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The first act of "Venom" is incredibly long, spending too much time on an exposition that is all for show since there are no emotional beats to turn for its characters.

The Rotten Tomatoes score also happens to be a lot lower than Sony's two previous attempts with the Amazing Spider-Man movies (72%, 52%). It won't kill you to get to the parking lot a little late - that is, unless there's an alien symbiote lying in wait.

Tom Hardy will star in the dual role of journalist Eddie Brock and his super-powered alter-ego, Venom. In about three minutes, it packs in more wit, emotion, and thrilling action than in all of Venom, including the existence of multiple Spider-Mans from different universes.

Ahead of Venom's release on Friday, we've put together a list of the 10 essential Venom stories to hit up before the film.

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