Published: Mon, October 01, 2018
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Would It Make A Difference If The FBI Were To Investigate Kavanaugh?

Would It Make A Difference If The FBI Were To Investigate Kavanaugh?

Kavanaugh is hardly alone in being someone who drank alcohol before he was legally allowed, but it seems entirely implausible that Kavanaugh spent his senior year believing he was allowed to drink alcohol when bars and stores couldn't legally sell to him.

At least one key player in this drama also volunteered to talk: Mark Judge - a boyhood friend of Kavanaugh's who has been accused by Ford of being a bystander to her sexual assault and was named in other allegations - said in a letter to the Judiciary Committee that he would cooperate under certain conditions. On Sunday evening, Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels who claims to be representing a third Kavanaugh accuser, tweeted out a theory regarding Kavanaugh's reference to the "FFFFFFourth of July" in his yearbook.

Swisher said she had never seen Kavanaugh act sexually aggressive toward women while in college, saying he was "more interested in impressing the boys than impressing the girls".

Some of Brett's favorite drinking games include Devils Triangle and Quarters. "I did say nasty things about the USA senate but I did not retreat".

"Judge Kavanaugh and Ms. Dolphin attended one high school event together and shared a brief kiss good night following that event", the statement reads.

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Then they heard a fiery, tearful and defensive rebuttal from Kavanaugh, who denied the allegations but pointedly refused to explain to Sen.

"I can't begin to comprehend what goes through the minds of 17-year-old boys who write such things, but the insinuation is frightful, hurtful and simply untrue", she said in a statement. On Kavanaugh's page, he referred to himself as a "Renate Alumnius".

The magazine had given Kavanaugh a full-throated endorsement, stating that his addition to the Supreme Court may furnish the fifth vote needed to overrule Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide. Kavanaugh has denied the allegation.

'I like beer, I still like beer, ' Kavanaugh testified under oath in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "I was completely astounded when I saw she signed that letter".

The inscription in Kavanaugh's yearbook reads, "Judge - Have You Boofed Yet?"

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Swisher said she's skeptical of Kavanaugh's testimony because he lied about his drinking. "I've never sexually assaulted anyone", Kavanaugh said.

'There were a lot of emails and a lot of texts flying around about how he was lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee, ' Brookes said of messages sent between her and her Yale colleagues as the hearing went on.

"How'd you find me?" he asked the reporter.

In his comments about Ford's testimony, Trump said, "certainly she was a very credible witness". She said she hadn't told anyone before this past week. "But I don't think we did", Coleman said. Ford alleges Kavanaugh pinned her down, groped her, and tried to remove her clothes. Coleman said there won't be a change until people in positions of power understand the impact of sexual assault on survivors. "This is particularly so for an appointment that will yield a deciding vote on women's rights and myriad other questions of enormous effect in American lives".

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