Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
IT | By Darin Griffith

Lexus ES to debut digital exterior mirrors in Japan

Lexus ES to debut digital exterior mirrors in Japan

Of course, the Lexus isn't the only auto we've seen lately to use cameras to replace wing mirrors, but the new ES has beaten the Audi E-tron to market by quite a distance. It will be the first mass-produced auto in the world to adopt such mirrors, the Japanese automaker said. From its namesake, it replaces the mirrors for small exterior cameras that will provide drivers a clearer view of the vehicle's surroundings.

With Lexus's "Digital Outer Mirrors", the typical glass mirror pods are replaced by rear-facing digital cameras.

The technology is called the Digital Outer Mirror and will roll-out in the new-gen ES sedan starting October. In addition, the view of areas around the vehicle can be manually enhanced by the driver.

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The system automatically enhances the corresponding area when indicators are activated, or when the transmission is put into reverse. If you are excited about ordering an ES with this mirror tech, Lexus says that it will only be available in Japan.

Then there are the displays: A pair of 5-inch monitors are attached to the front pillars.

Lexus has become the first automaker to replace door-mounted mirrors with cameras in a series-produced vehicle.

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According to Lexus, they also give the driver an expanded view of the car's surrounding area by augmenting the display during cornering or reversing.

Mirrorless cars may also have an improved fuel economy due to the lower drag of the slim camera housing; wind noise and visibility will also be improved.

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