Published: Fri, September 07, 2018
IT | By Darin Griffith

DOJ to charge North Korean spy in Sony hack

DOJ to charge North Korean spy in Sony hack

North Korean hackers stole and released confidential information and emails in the hack, and infamously pressured the studio to pull the theatrical release of the satirical movie "The Interview", which depicted the eventual assassination of a North Korean leader.

The charges, part of a strategy by the United States government to deter future cyberattacks by naming and shaming the alleged perpetrators, will also allege that the North Korean hacker broke into the central bank of Bangladesh in 2016, according to the official.

"These activities run afoul of norms of acceptable safe behavior in cyber space and the worldwide community must address them when we can", Demers said, adding that the charges "reflect the department's determination and ability to follow the facts and the law and to hold individuals and nations accountable for their crimes".

Also Thursday, the Treasury Department is expected to announce sanctions on North Koreans linked to the attacks.

It is unlikely Park will be extradited since the U.S. has no formal relations with North Korea.

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The charges against Park continue a strategy by the US government to generate detailed, legally admissible cases against foreign cyber-attackers who are unlikely to ever stand trial in the United States.

Officials state in the complaint that Park was working for a front company named the Korean Expo Joint Venture, which worked on behalf of North Korean intelligence and was charged with generating revenue for the military branch.

Park Jin Hyok worked as part of a team of hackers, also known as the Lazarus Group, to try to breach multiple other US businesses, according to the complaint.

Then-White House cybersecurity czar Tom Bossert said during a press conference last December that the USA agreed with several other countries' assessments that North Korea was responsible for WannaCry.

The FBI said at the time it had recovered evidence connecting North Korea to the attack and others in South Korea.

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This undated photo released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shows Park Jin Hyok, a computer programmer accused of working at the behest of the North Korean government, was charged Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018, in connection with several high-profile cyberattacks. "The North Korean-backed conspiracy attempted to crush freedom of speech in the USA and the U.K. It robbed banks around the world".

"Good", said Sen. Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

North Korea has always been suspected - and accused - of having carried out the Sony hack and being behind the WannaCry ransomware but today those accusations were made formal. Kim showed the world both how small he was and how capable his cyber soldiers can be.

In one attack, an email sent to a victim from Facebook alerting them to the fact that their account had been accessed from a different IP address was grabbed by the hackers and then resent with the hyperlink within the email changed from Facebook's website to a domain that they controlled.

It is unlikely that he will be extradited because the USA has no formal relations with North Korea and the North Korean government was not notified about the charges.

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The complaint was filed under seal on June 8, just days before a historic summit in Singapore between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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