Published: Sun, August 05, 2018
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18 killed in Siberian helicopter crash: Russian airline

18 killed in Siberian helicopter crash: Russian airline

'There were three crew members and 15 passengers overseas the Mi-8 that belonged to Utair airline, ' said the ministry.

Picture: SuppliedAll passengers were believed to have been working for a subsidiary of the state oil company Rosneft.

The other helicopter landed safely after the incident. "As a result it fell, was destroyed and burned".

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The helicopter was operated by Russian national airline Utair, which has its head office in Khanty Mansiysk airport in western Siberia.

The Interstate Aviation Committee, which oversees civil aviation in much of the former Soviet Union, said the Mi-8 helicopter collided with the load being carried by another helicopter.

The transport ministry said the Mi-8 helicopter, reportedly taking workers to an oilfield, went down when it collided with machinery carried by another helicopter soon after take-off. It added that the helicopter was manufactured in Russian Federation in 2010, and the pilot had flown almost 6,000 hours.

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'Utair's Mi-8 helicopter 25640 was flying from Vankor to Kharkasale, ' said an spokesman for Russia's emergencies ministry. A criminal investigation is under way.

The Mi-8 crashed to the ground seconds after takeoff and exploded in an inferno in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russian Federation.

Smoke rises from a crash side of a Russian helicopter Mi-8 which crashed shortly after takeoff in Vankor, above the Arctic Circle in Siberia, Russia, on August 4, 2018.

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All 18 people on board have died in the crash.

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