Published: Fri, August 03, 2018
IT | By Darin Griffith

Google guidelines ban Android phones with three notches or other exotic configurations

Google guidelines ban Android phones with three notches or other exotic configurations

Google said the move is to ensure consistency and app compatibility with devices that do have cutouts.

The point of this whole exercise is so that apps don't have trouble in displaying.

Given that three notches on a phone is more far-fetched than reality at this point, the framework in this blog post seems slightly unnecessary, except from the standpoint of Google wanting to spell out limits that just ensure a smooth app experience never mind the device being used.

She goes on to encourage to developers to test all screens and versions of their app experience to make sure they don't get buggy on devices with notches. In portrait orientation, "the status bar must extend to at least the height of the cutout", and with the phone in landscape orientation, "the entire cutout area must be letterboxed". This is a logical restriction, given that one of the central promises of notched phone designs is additional uninterrupted screen real estate.

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Some of these changes involve moving the clock from the top-right to the top-left corner and adding better testing utilities to make sure a phone's notch doesn't mess up your apps.

In a blog post penned to application developers this week, Google laid down a few rules that Android phone manufacturers will need to take into account when designing devices.

It is already known that Android P will support cutouts of various sizes so that apps are better optimised for any and all notches. For that, Android P beta devices with a cutout like the Essential PH-1 are recommended. While we have seen the number of notched Android phones growing increasingly this year, consumers are still divided on the notch.

Xiaomi's new flagship Mi 8 Explorer Edition is the first Android phone with the iPhone X's 3D face unlock.

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Like it or not, smartphone notches are a thing.

HTC continues to release Android smartphones and the new U12 Plus skips the notch to focus on what HTC does right.

Up until now, no manufacturer has unveiled a smartphone with more than one display cutout.

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