Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
World News | By Sandy Lane

Florida: Homeless Armless Artist Held In Stabbing Of Tourist

Interestingly, Crenshaw is known for painting colourful artworks using his feet, said a local news report.

Just after midnight, Miami Beach Police say, Crenshaw clutched a pair of scissors with his feet and stabbed Cesar Coronado, 22, who was visiting Miami from Chicago, reports the Miami Herald. Police say Crenshaw stabbed Coronado twice and fled.

A homeless Miami man with no arms has been charged after allegedly stabbing a tourist, authorities announced Wednesday.

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Coronado was found bleeding from his left arm; Crenshaw was arrested the following day and he told an officer that the stabbing happened in self-defence, the Herald reported. He and a female friend who was present said Coronado asked Crenshaw for directions and was attacked, police said. He then stuck the scissors in his waistband and walked away quickly, according to the police report.

Police said Crenshaw spontaneously told an officer that he was defending himself.

Coronado was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries.

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Crenshaw has been charged with aggravated battery.

Cindy Barrientos, who was travelling with Mr Coronado, described the attacker as a homeless man with no arms to officers.

Along with multiple charges of battering police, Crenshaw's record also includes trespassing and disorderly intoxication arrests.

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