Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
Medicine | By Debra Reynolds

Eight coffees a day? Don’t worry, looks like you’ll still live longer

Eight coffees a day? Don’t worry, looks like you’ll still live longer

Most were coffee drinkers; 154,000 or nearly one-third drank two to three cups daily and 10,000 drank at least eight cups daily.

The researchers used data from the UK Biobank study, through which a large group of UK adults completed health questionnaires, underwent physical examinations and provided biological samples. Over the course of the 10-year study, a little more than 14,000 people died. The authors called for future studies with more detailed data collection on coffee type and preparation to provide further insights. To reap the benefit, it doesn't matter if your coffee is decaf or instant or caffeinated, the researchers said.

Amla is loaded with vitamin C that is known to build your body's defence mechanisms against diseases and infections.

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Over the 10 years of follow up (median, 7 years) the study found that participants with lower CMSG scores had similar associations between coffee drinking levels and mortality as participants with higher scores, "indicating no modification of the association between coffee drinking and all-cause mortality by these common polymorphisms related to caffeine metabolism".

"There are many potential beneficial compounds in coffee - there are literally hundreds and thousands of compounds in coffee", he said.

The results support the recommendations of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which states consuming three to five cups of coffee per day, or 400 milligrams per day, of caffeine is not detrimental to healthy individuals. But she said the results reinforce previous research and add additional reassurance for coffee drinkers. Researchers noticed an inverse association between drinking coffee and the risk of death, regardless of whether individuals metabolized it quickly or slowly. It covered almost half a million people, for a start, which is definitely to its credit.

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Enigma Cafe staff member Clarke Gardiner said coffee for him was "the essence of energy to wake up in the morning", drinking multiple coffees every day at work - including at night time.

There are several possible explanations for the health benefits of coffee. However, he highlighted the findings could be at risk of inaccuracies due to unknown or unmeasured factors linking to drinking coffee and being in good health. And the risk of death during the follow-up period was only slightly higher for people drinking around 4 cups of coffee a day compared with those who drank more than 8, he told Live Science.

According to him, coffee got a bad reputation because in the past, many of those who enjoyed their brew also tended to smoke cigarettes.

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There is some evidence that coffee can help people recover from colon cancer, lower diabetes risk and reduce the inflammation associated with diabetes and heart disease.

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