Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
IT | By Darin Griffith

Apple has blocked updates to Telegram since April

Apple has blocked updates to Telegram since April

Even after a Russian court ruled that the app should be blocked in Russian territories, Telegram refused to hand over encryption keys that would give Russian officials access to user data.

ENCRYPTED MESSAGINGTelegram claims Apple has been blocking its updates in the App Store ever since Russian Federation tried and failed to block it last month. The iOS App Store had about 66 percent of total consumer spending worldwide, despite only having 30 percent of app downloads.

Because Apple is now blocking Telegram updates globally, Durov said that his team can't fix certain issues in the app and its users can't get new features, nor Telegram's new GDPR-compliant privacy policy. Last month, a nationwide ban was implemented on Telegram in Russian Federation following the app's refusal to offer data access to the country's intelligence community. While Russia makes up only 7% of Telegram's userbase, Apple is restricting updates for all Telegram users around the world since mid-April.

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Over the past year, Apple has met with Snap Inc., Pinterest Inc. and other companies about participating in an Apple network that would distribute ads across their collective apps, the people said.

According to Durov, the problem began when Russian Federation ordered Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store.

Contrarily to the likes of Facebook and Google, whose business models are based on knowing enough about their users to serve effective advertisements, Apple says it doesn't need to know our most intimate details.

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The Register has contacted Apple for comment and asked Telegram when the last attempt was made to update the app and why it has taken until now to announce the problem. We believe we did the only possible thing, preserving the right of our users to privacy in a troubled country. "We are continuing our efforts to resolve the situation".

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